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Finding The Right Mantra for You

There are numerous reasons why people seek to practice mantra chanting and japa meditation. These range from the need to address particular physical, mental and health issues or just to be connected to one's body and mind. The most basic definition of mantra is “sacred sound,” yet the Sanskrit word, "mantra" can likewise be separated into two sections. "Man", signifying "to think", and "tra", signifying "instrument". Different educators characterize "tra" as a "vehicle" or "transport."


Sometimes called a mantram, sacred phrase, or centering prayer, the mantra is a focal point that helps your mind to pay attention and focus on the present moment. Mantra meditation can create distance between chaotic or competing thoughts. It can intercept and slow the rush of ideas swirling around in your mind. Chanting the mantra reverberates at the center of your heart, allowing you to find your most genuine self.


The other beneficial outcome of having clear responses to the inquiries above is that you would more be able to effortlessly settle on which mantras fits you the best or will deliver the result you are after.

Every mantra can be traced to its source of an actual sage, guru or historical individual. Most of these traditional spiritual practices predate the written word and thus focus more on the power of the spoken word.


Mantras have a power that is often overlooked or abused. The energy of the mantra is like the power and strength of flame. Fire is recognized for its destructive and also helpful qualities. Thus, fire is the same as the mantra is a lot of ways. The might be derived from mantra may be destructive and energy-sapping if not used under strict supervision by an experienced individual. All the same, as most practitioners have yet to reach the level of total enlightenment the danger isn't present.


Choosing a mantra can appear like an overwhelming task. Sacred Sanskrit mantras, when chosen correctly, can make you feel the active energy of the chanted sounds, and help you become more relaxed and into a deeper meditative state. The vibration levels are different with each mantra, so search for the ones that can bring you closer to your goals. You can select your mantra in one of two ways. Your choice can be based on the meaning of the mantra, or the sound of the mantra.


The distinctive Mantras can be seen as various points of approach to the same one thing. Similarly, there are different approaches to diving into the deep end of a swimming pool: swan plunge, gun ball, triple gainer with a reverse somersault, or even a midsection smacker. With regards to Mantras, the best possible Mantra is reliant upon the character of the physiology and awareness of the individual. Some Mantras are appropriate for one person, but not another. Only a few Mantras are universally applicable to everyone. Please take your time to carefully and intelligently choose what sources you use when finding a Mantra.

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